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How to Keep Your Home Clean During Bathroom Remodeling

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How to Keep Your Home Clean During Bathroom Remodeling

You’ll struggle to find a remodeling project that doesn’t stir up an abundance of dust and dirt, and bathroom remodeling is no exception. However, your Chicagoland remodeling contractor can work with you to ensure a clean, organized space while your renovation is underway. Maintaining a clutter-free and clean bathroom during remodeling is important for the health and safety of your household and contractor.

Remove Furnishings and Belongings

Before your remodeling contractor begins construction in your bathroom, you should remove all of your furnishings and belongings, including towels, baskets, shelves, and personal items. Taking these belongings out of the room will keep them out of your contractor’s way and ensure that they remain undamaged.

Create a Barrier

Once you’ve removed your personal belongings from the bathroom, your remodeling specialists will isolate the area so that any mess that is created will be contained. Depending on their typical process, your remodelers may place plastic sheets or tarps over the door to prevent the spread of dust and debris. Although this method isn’t foolproof, it limits the amount of dust and debris scattered around your home.

Protect the Bathtub

If your bathroom remodeling doesn’t include a bathtub replacement, then you’ll want to protect your current tub from staining and scratching during the renovation. You can preserve the finish of your bathtub by applying a rubber coating or tub protection product. Once the project is complete, you can peel off the coating.

Clean Daily

Many homeowners who have completed renovations attest to the importance of daily cleaning when your remodeling contractor is walking in and out of the house and your home is in disarray. Your remodeling specialist will probably keep the mess within the renovation area under control, but you should manage the dust and debris directly outside the room by vacuuming and dusting daily. Cleaning at the end of every day may seem excessive, but if you keep up with daily cleaning, it will be simple and quick.

Remodeling projects in your home can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, and some of those feelings are caused by your home’s disorderly appearance. Protecting surfaces in and near your bathroom and cleaning daily are actions that will alleviate your worry and create a tidy space for your remodeling contractor from A.B.M. Construction & Son to work.

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